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Czech-Austrian Music and Educational Association Slavonice
Dačická 483, 378 81, Slavonice


The Czech-Austrian Music and Educational Association Slavonice, z.s. was founded in the year 2020 from the initiative of 3 friends, all connected by a passion for music and the southern Czech city Slavonice. 

The members of the association are lead by a shared interest in cultural, artistic and interpretation education, as well as honing and observing the skills of talented youth. Furthermore, the association also organizes international musical master courses, focused on violins, violas and cellos - the International Music Master Classes Slavonice. At the end of the master courses, a concert is held by the participants and associates.

Board of the association:
Jakub Cajthaml, chairman of the association
Pavel Jonáš Krejčí
Milan Šetena 
Alan Rassaby

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