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Jannis cz

My participation in the International Music Master Course Slavonice in 2020 was one of the most formative musical experiences for me in recent years. The masterclass not only gave me the opportunity to work with renowned musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic, but also with participants of the same age at the highest standard to learn at an instrumental level. 

Most master classes charge participation fees of several hundred euros, which is a financial burden for the students. The fact that every participant in the IMMC Slavonice receives a full scholarship effectively means that the participants can be selected solely based on their musical qualities and personality.

Milan Šetena has created a special community with the International Music Master Course Slavonice, characterized by musical and human maturity. The small town of Slavonice with its cultural sites and calm location offers the ideal setting to devote oneself to music for a week. 

Participation in IMMC Slavonice not only enabled me to make important contacts with important instrumentalists, but also to gain in-depth experience, which was crucial for me in preparation for the audition for the orchestra academy of the Vienna Philharmonic.


Jannis Hoesch – viola 


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