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Sandra cz

I met Prof. Milan Šetena in 2014 at a master class of the Vienna Philharmonic in Trenta, Slovenia.

In 2020 Prof. Šetena invited me to the International Music Master Course Slavonice in the Czech Republic.

The course only lasted a week, but I learned an incredible amount. The artistic level of the selected students is very high.

There are many talented musicians who are unable to afford expensive courses, but this master class provided us with the highest quality in every respect completely free of charge. For me personally it was interesting to get to know Erwin Schulhoff's music.

I did not know this composer and his compositions before, but after the course in Slavonice I will certainly play his music more often. The students had the opportunity to appear in the concerts several times, both in quartets and as soloists.

The Czech audience welcomed us with much joy and love. In Slavonice I met Prof. Hubert Kroisamer and later I also did the preparation for the audition at the Vienna State Opera with him. This is also a very important aspect for young musicians who will audition with the Vienna Philharmonic in the future. It is great to gather insight into how the orchestra achieves its world-renowned sound. I believe that Prof. Milan Šetena and Prof. Kroisamer taught me a lot about sound, style and musicality, simultaneously allowing me to retain my own musical personality. Many students from this course win auditions and competitions and have the opportunity to substitute at the Vienna State Opera. This also reinforces the fact that some musicians have the opportunity to become permanent members of the Czech, Berlin or of the Vienna Philharmonic in the future.


Sandra Seržāne - violin


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